Cathy Come Home 1966

Cathy Come Home is a BBC television play by Jeremy Sandford, produced by Tony Garnett and directed by Ken Loach, about homelessness. A Directed by Ken Loach. With Carol White, Ray Brooks, Winifred Dennis, Wally Patch. Cathy loses her home, husband and eventually her child through the. Jeremy Sandford 's drama about a young family's slide into homelessness and poverty was a defining moment in s television, demonstrating how far drama .

Chris Barraclough is keen to add 'Cathy Come Home was produced without any thought to incorporating the latest mission statement, 50 pages.

That, roughly, was the theme of the Wednesday Play, "Cathy Come Home," (BBC 1), directed by Kenneth Loach, produced by Tony Garnett. I know by my own. First broadcast in , this drama about a young mother caught in an Legacy of Cathy Come Home should fuel fury over homelessness. Deceit, subterfuge, outrage - and that was even before Ken Loach's explosive TV drama hit the screen. Anthony Hayward tells how.

This TV play on a young woman's descent into homelessness has lost none of its impact.

Read the Empire review of Cathy Come Home. 1 Jan ; Certificate This is the bleak tale of Cathy (Carol White), who loses her home. This tells the bleak tale of Cathy, who loses her home, husband and eventually her child through the Cathy Come Home DRAMA. by Ronda Daniel – @rondaemily_. TV play Cathy Come Home was broadcast for the first time in Why, in , is it still relevant?.

Originally made as a play for television play, Cathy Come Home was Year: ; Type of film: Features; Running Time: 75 mins; Format:

Dramatised documentary on the inadequacy of welfare and housing facilities in Britain. Through a variety of circumstances a young family becomes a 'problem'. Cathy Come Home was broadcast on 16 November , in the regular Wednesday Play slot. Cathy Come Home () has often been held up as a model of what can be achieved. In T. C. Worsley described Jeremy Sandford's play as 'a kind of.

Screening and discussion: Cathy Come Home. Watched by 12 million people in , Cathy Come Home is possibly the most influential docu-drama ever.

Cathy Come Home [VHS] []: Carol White, Ray Brooks, Winifred Dennis, Wally Patch, Adrienne Frame, Emmett Hennessy, Alec Coleman, Geoffrey Palmer .

Cathy Come Home. Season 1. () Ken Loach directs a hard-hitting story of a family trapped in homelessness and poverty. Genres: Drama. Buy Episode. Cathy Come Home was possibly the most important contribution made by the It told of Cathy (Carol White), a young Northern lass who made her way to the. Few projects pack a harder punch than Cathy Come Home, a scathing indictment on the ineptitude of the British council and welfare state in the.

The rules of the hostel are very strict, and Cathy and Reg will be split up. 'Cathy Come Home' was co-written and directed by Ken Loach as part.

Cathy Come Home Country: Great Britain; Year of production: ; Notes: First broadcast on BBC 1 in November and repeated in January

Year. it caused a massive scandal when it was shown on the BBC in Cathy Come Home still works because the characters are completely.

In 'The Wednesday Play' brought us one of the most significant pieces of work that has ever been transmitted on British television. Written by Jeremy.

Find great deals on eBay for Cathy Come Home in DVDs and Movies for Cathy Come Home [DVD] [] DVD, New, Ken Loach, Ray Brooks,Carol White. 'Cathy Come Home' and 'Accuracy' in British Television Drama - Volume Jeremy Sandford, author of the seminal Cathy Come Home (). For those who don't know, Cathy Come Home was a social drama written by Jeremy Sandford and directed by Ken Loach. It first aired in

On a cold night in , a BBC television play about homelessness Cathy Come Home was shown in BBC One's The Wednesday Play.

Cathy Come Home. Date: Director: Ken Loach Production Company: British Broadcasting Corporation. Stars: Carol White, Ray Brooks Location(s). Fifty years on from Cathy Come Home, how has homelessness in the UK counted 34, available places in hostel accommodation in Cathy come home: Cathy and Reg have everything to live for: he has a well-paid Originally released: Cathy come home (); The rank and file (); DVD.

When docu-drama Cathy Come Home, directed by Ken Loach, was beamed into the nation's living rooms in , depicting the troubled lives of a couple losing. A harrowing television play on homelessness, Cathy Come Home It went out on BBC1 on the evening of November 16, and was. Cathy Come Home. DVD 70 Minutes. Classic play about homelessness. The famous BBC play about the tribulations of Cathy and her family as they try to .

Lorna Locke, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, can relate to the BBC drama Cathy Come Home. In it caused shockwaves, telling the story of.

It is often regarded as the most important British television drama ever written. The controversy it aroused after its premiere broadcast in on the Wednesday. Find great deals on eBay for cathy come home and skyline. Shop with CATHY COME HOME DVD BBC TV DRAMA REGION 2 BRAND BRAND NEW. Cathy Come Home: Ken Loach: One of the productions, Cathy Come Home ( ), explored the disintegration of a working-class family and examined the.

Cathy Come Home. Directed by: Ken Loach. Starring: Carol White. Genres: British New Wave, Drama. Rated the #38 best film of , and # in the greatest. Cathy Come Home is a landmark BBC production from , telling the story of Cathy's slide into poverty, debt and homelessness. Directed by Ken Loach, the. he took from Cathy Come Home, made the following Home demonstrates how powerful a medium television can be, . Home ().

We are proud to present a theatrical re-staging of Cathy Come Home. In , award winning film maker Ken Loach's BBC production of Jeremy Sandford's. Cathy Come Home - plus Q&A 77 Mins / / UK Peter Chowney's choice is Cathy Come Home, which tells the story of Cathy and Reg, a couple with. (aka 'Wednesday Play: Cathy Come Home'). directed by Ken Loach UK " Cathy Come Home" resulted in a change in the law, ranking it.

Come Home () in relation to Benefits Street () will be undertaken to Ken Loach's critically revered documentary drama Cathy Come Home. Initially.

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