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AcerCloud Docs is a program developed by Acer. The most used version is , with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. The main. AcerCloud Docs · Office Addin · Office Addin If your PC is in sleep mode, no worries, AcerCloud wakes it up for you. AcerCloud also pushes Uninstaller: C:\Program Files\Acer\Acer Cloud\ -uninstall. Estimated. Am I right in saying the AcerCloud isn't really cloud storage at all but just the function that don't rely on home PC,like the docs and picstream.

abDocs. Recently updated docs, everywhere. Download. abDocs - Large. Sync Everything. With abDocs, all your files are instantly synced whenever changes. ***Enhance your AcerCloud experience with the all-new Acer BYOC Apps ( abApps)*** Docs, workbooks and slides on the go. abDocs instantly syncs your. 22 Nov - 3 min - Uploaded by Acer Support This video shows how to use Acer Docs to manage your documents using AcerCloud on your.

There are three parts to the service – PicStream which handles pictures, AcerCloud Docs (a Dropbox-alike), and Media for media. AcerCloud Docs is a similar product to Google Docs, letting you edit documents remotely and save to the cloud to continue to work on, on your PC when you get home. It will support Word, Excel and Power Point documents. A feature especially convenient for professionals, AcerCloud Docs enables users to push their Microsoft Office documents to any of their Windows, Android or iOS devices.

AcerCloud Docs essentially works the same way with docs. This is without a doubt just a whisper of the ways businesses traditionally in the.

Improvements to features like AcerCloud Docs, which allows access to Windows Office files on any device, and PicStream will also be included. At the CES conference, Acer introduced its upcoming AcerCloud service. AcerCloud will use Acer's Always Connect technology to keep. Look at all the OEM software Acer preloads in the Acer Aspire U: AcerCloud Docs, Acer Recovery Management, Acer Identity Card, Acer.

Next comes AcerCloud Docs, which automatically uploads your documents to the cloud for access on any other PC or Android device. Again. What makes AcerCloud quite good is the AcerCloud Docs app. With the Docs app anytime you save a Word doc, PowerPoint file or Excel file. Hi Dwayne,. When you upload or edit a document to your PC, Acer Cloud automatically keeps a copy in your Cloud for up to 30 days. You can.

Don't have enough cloud storage options to choose from yet? Well Acer's got you covered. The Taiwan-based computer company 0 likes.

More information how to permanently delete the file - ther words remove acercloud it. Be avare of doing this without deeper knowledge of what you're.

While ' media' and 'AcerCloud Docs' performs the same task but for rich media such as music and for Microsoft Office documents (Word. Desktop AcerCloud AcerCloud Docs Acer Ring V2 Media Photo Acer Power Management. Acer Backup Manager McAfee Internet Security Suite. AcerCloud Portal - With AcerCloud you can use all your content, anywhere, all the time on every device. So download your favorite music at home and listen to it .

Why would you put your docs on AcerCloud when other services Box, DropBox and Evernote can work on whatever device you have?.

AcerCloud Docs Just barely two months after Apple announced its iCloud service last year, Taiwan-based consumer electronics company Acer. AcerCloud Docs will automate the process of pushing Microsoft Office documents out to the cloud. The same type of automation will be offered. This week Acer have announced AcerCloud. PicStream for photographs; AcerCloud Docs for document management; Media for.

AcerCloud will include three components: PicStream to sync photos, AcerCloud docs for documents, and Media to sync music and.

personal cloud all your devices (PC, tablet, phone) with AcerCloud installed can Note: If AcerCloud Docs is not installed on your device, Android users may. Latest version: Location: C:\Program Files\acer\acercloud docs. Install size: MB (85,, bytes). About URL: "Strategically, we decided to create AcerCloud to help Acer device users who use the . 3 apps to be released: Photo, Media, AcerCloud Docs.

AcerCloud Docs lets you view Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents across multiple devices or online. Documents will be stored in the cloud. Further updates include AcerCloud Docs, which can be used to push Microsoft Office files to any mobile device, and PicStream, which syncs. AcerCloud, a service that will connect personal smart devices and PCs across their Similarly AcerCloud Docs enable users to update documents on their PC, .

No specific info about version Please visit the main page of Acer Portal on Software Informer. Share your experience: Write a review about this program. Many translated example sentences containing "acercloud" – English-Russian dictionary and search engine for English translations. Acer's Aspire U was the worst culprit, bundling a host of first-party programs, like AcerCloud Docs and Acer's Accessory Store, as well as.

AcerCloud Docs works much in the same way but instead of photos, your documents will be available across your devices and will be backed. AcerCloud cashes your media and documents, so you'll always have access. Bonus: if you make changes to any docs from one device, the. Fi Media, and AcerCloud Docs. The company says that Microsoft will provide this for windows and Google will do the same for Android (and.

Acer Docs is commonly installed in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer\AcerCloud Docs directory, subject to the user's option. The full command. As expected, the Liquid S1 comes with a free AcerCloud account which to the cloud (via AcerCloud Docs and AcerCloud Remote Files). The new beta version also includes AcerCloud Docs enables users to access the most updated files in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Acer plans to launch its cloud service with name “AcerCloud” - that allows apps to start: Photo, Media, and AcerCloud Docs.

There is also increased portability available courtesy of a new AcerCloud Docs feature, providing people with the possibility to easily push.

The same applies for documents via AcerCloud Docs and for music via Media. AcerCloud will be bundled on all Acer consumer PCs.

As standard with Acer products of late, the phablet will also come with AcerCloud Docs. The service, which is akin to Dropbox, allows users to.

Multimedia. • Acer Media. • Acer Photo. • AcerCloud. • AcerCloud Docs. • Nero BackItUp 12 Essentials. • Spotify. Search. • Yahoo search. Security.

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